The Bennigsen Estate

The moated manor house at Bennigsen was built in 1311 and has been the ancestral home of the Bennigsen family ever since. Extensions to the estate and its buildings continued into the 19th century. The country mansion in the park was the home, in his old age, of His Excellency Rudolf von Bennigsen, founder of the liberal movement in Germany and rival of Bismarck, President of the Prussian Chamber of Deputies and President of the Province of Hanover. The family has traditionally maintained a direct commitment to the state and the province.

Since taking it over in 1990, Roderic von Bennigsen has transformed the estate, which is still in agricultural use today, into a cultural centre. The spacious 18th-century barn and a smaller 17th-century building have been converted into concert and recital halls in conformity with the most exacting acoustic requirements, and the former’s stage can accommodate large symphony orchestras. The historic park was laid out by Rudolf von Bennigsen. Containing rare trees from all over the world, it enhances the atmosphere of the whole estate and lends it its uniquely romantic charm. Concertgoers never fail to be entranced by the aura of this picturesque venue.

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